About Us

We set out to make digital transactions inclusive.

Tingtel Limited is a Lagos based alternative financial inclusion platform, providing innovative value services to unbanked and underbanked communities, using Mobile Network Airtime.

The lack of inter-operability of Network Airtime is the opportunity that Tingtel has leveraged to introduce the Tingtel Mobile App that allow users to instantly Buy, Sell and Transfer Airtime. Tingtel has also integrated its Airtime solutions with major financial, insurance, delivery and even lotto/betting platforms to give its users the widest possible choice of vendors where they can convert their Airtime to fund third-party wallets and also settle bills and utilities.

As a privacy-driven Airtime solution, Tingtel also introduced the Tingtel ID and Tingtel QR Code, which allows users to transfer Airtime between each other, without having to disclose their Phone Number and irrespective of the Mobile Network they are on. The result is an ideal solution for small purchases in public settings which resolves the need to have change or being short-changed.