Settle Electricity & Cable TV Bills with Airtime using Tingtel App

We have all faced the situation where our Bank App isn’t working or when the POS agent has already left home and we have an urgent payment to make. Whether at night or during weekends there aren’t many payment options available except asking friends or family who might have the same problem. So whether it is paying DSTV or Eko Electricity so that you can watch your movie, the Tingtel Bills feature allows you to convert Airtime back to cash and then pay your Bills easily.

How it works is simple:

Download and register on the Tingtel App, then select Tingtel Bills, enter your customer ID, and select the vendor and amount you want to pay, you will be asked to send your Airtime to Tingtel, once we have received it, we will immediately pay the bill you instructed us to settle and all good.

Useful Tip:

Tingtel is here to help you in difficult situations, but we also charge fees, so if you top up your electricity meter or cable TV, no need to pay a big amount, just pay enough so you can enjoy your power and movie.