No Change, No Problem

No change, no problem…

Being short-changed can accumulate into a lot of money when you’re making multiple daily transactions, and at Tingtel, we want to help you to automate your change into savings. It is frustrating to have to constantly find the right cash, or to pay a bit extra for something because the vendor doesn’t have the exact amount of change.

With our Airtime Transfer solution, you can say bye-bye to the problem of ‘no change’ because now, you can easily balance the seller with Airtime to avoid being short-changed.

How it works is simple:

Download and register on the Tingtel App, then select the SIM you want to debit, check the balance, then select the amount you want to transfer and enter the recipient phone number which can be your number or someone else’s number. You will be asked to transfer your airtime to a Tingtel number, once we have received the Airtime we will then credit the line you selected and transfer the Airtime. This transaction usually takes no longer than 3 minutes to complete.

Useful Tip:

With Tingtel Airtime Transfer, you can send a minimum of ₦50 Airtime to ANY network (You do not have to be on the same Network with the receiver). Transferring the exact balance means you’ll never be left short-changed, and since there is no fake airtime, your change will always be secure.