Tingtel ID | Your Privacy is Guaranteed

Sending Airtime between friends and family is easy, but sometimes we also want to help out people and gift them some airtime but that means you need to use your phone number and that’s not always a good idea. As we know very well some people don’t hesitate to call you, add you on WhatsApp after they got your number, and annoy you.

That’s why we created the Tingtel ID which is an 8-digit number that is associated with your phone number and allows you to send or receive airtime without sharing your phone number.

How it works is simple:

The only thing you need to do is dial *347*85# and you will get your Tingtel ID. Now, anyone on the Tingtel App can credit your phone line with Airtime using the “Airtime Transfer” feature. This solution is very useful to protect your number and works for both Smartphones and Feature phones.

Useful Tip:

If you ever have a problem of change and want to use Airtime to balance someone but don’t want to share your number (we know the Ladies out there know what we are talking about), just ask them to get the Tingtel ID, it’s free and easy, and everyone needs Airtime anyway so better use that as a solution than being short changed.